iMessage is Apple’s propriety software program, individuals with apple products can message without paying for it. All you require an internet connection as you need for Whats App, Line, Kik and so on. One can also send a message to people without Apple product as normal text wherein your carrier charges will apply. Moreover, through the color of the sent message, you can distinguish between an Apple user and non-Apple user, if the sent message is blue, it indicates IOS user and green message points out it is sent to the non-Apple user.

About its technology

It is implicit that Apple products are equipped with the latest technology that makes them stand out from the other brands.The iMessage protocol is primarily based on the service that is known as Apple Push Notifications (APNS) which is a patented binary protocol. With its keep-alive connection with the apple servers, helps connect and each connection has it unique code that acts as the identifier for the direction that will be used to send a message to an explicit device. The connection is encrypted with TLS by means of a client-side certificate, which will be requested by the device on the initiation of the iMessage on pc downloadIt is standard preinstalled, cross-platform apple product. In addition, to your surprise, it is one of the most used apps within the Apple’s ecosystem.

Now that with so many instant messaging apps, that is doing the round in the souk why an apple user must make use of it and what is its advantage over other free messaging apps. Let us quickly find out those points that make it first choice amongst the apple users.

In many ways, it is quite similar to other messaging apps, as it lets you send a message, picture, and videos, recording to an individual or as part of the group.  Another advantage of iMessage is that you can easily switch iPhone to Mac, which is certainly not possible through any other app. Most of the apps are not secure when it comes to, I phone as the end to end encryption only exists for Android, but not for iPhone, therefore, security concerns are there for the users who are using the app outside of the Apple ecosystem. On the contrary, iMessage is encrypted and the information is secure, therefore this is a much safer option that will protect and safeguard your identity.

Until now, if you have not even thought of activating on your phone, then this is the right time to act on your device. With this, you will be able to make the difference between iMessage and other standalone instant messaging app.

One can easily find iMessage apps in the app drawer and with the help of this drawer; you can have the quick access to the app that you can use with messages.

  • Open the message app
  • Tap and enter on a contractor you can tap into existing conversation
  • Tap A and swipe left or right over the apps to find the one that you would use.

Just by following these simple steps, you can easily find the apps from your drawer that you can use with your iMessage app.