Over the most recent couple of years, Alienware has presented some remarkably designed desktops with the head-turning Alienware Area 51 and space-compacting Alienware Aurora R5. Presently, the space age figuring organisation offers one of the world’s most thin Laptops for Gaming Under 500 yet with the Alienware 13 R3.

The 13 R3 likewise brandishes the organisation’s new pivot forward design, quad-center Intel Core i7 HQ-arrangement processors and Nvidia Pascal illustrations – making it a VR-skilled machine. Notwithstanding, this 13-inch gaming journal’s executioner highlight is an OLED show that is so energetic, it can practically make you disregard the $1,799 or £1,749 (about AU$2,400) price you’ll need to pay for this magnificence.

Fortunately, you can likewise get in on the ground level with a $1,199 or £1,249 (about AU$1,600) show with a standard HD screen.

Alienware 13 R3 Laptop Review



Alienware’s designs have constantly separate its gadgets from all other Best Laptops for Gaming 2017 with more lights and premium materials. This year, in any case, the greatest differentiator is that forward pivot design reminiscent of the Dell Adamo.

To get a 21% more slender, 0.87-inch (0.22cm) thick suspension, Alienware has moved the heatsinks ordinarily situated underneath the console to a knock that develops 1.5 crawls behind the screen. Alienware additionally makes brilliant utilization of the amplified raise for full-sized ports, including HDMI, Ethernet, and the organization’s exclusive Graphics Amp connector.

Be that as it may, the laptop’s augmented, 10.6-inch profundity and square shaped shape makes it difficult to stuff in numerous 13-inch laptop packs. It wasn’t until we attempted our backpacks implied for the 15-inch scratch pad that the Alienware 13 would fit. Additionally, with the laptop tipping the scales at 5.8 pounds (2.6kg) – about a pound heavier than most 15-inch scratch pad – it’s one full bundle.

Reengineered to the most extreme limit

Alienware’s new and more slender design is not the same as years past, yet past the slight changes, there has been a lot of re-engineering within.

This year, Alienware has acquainted copper components with enhancing the ventilation, which you feel with the vast majority of the warmth being drawn far from the console and touchpad. This is additionally one of only a handful few thin gaming laptops that don’t seem like a shop vacuum while under load.


We’re not ones to be effectively wowed, but rather our base jaw was on the floor upon first looking at the new Alienware 13’s OLED show.

Hues dribble off the OLED board with a wealth equaling any creation screen we’ve seen before – even the new MacBook Pro’s P3 shading space-improved show. What’s more, as though that wasn’t sufficiently noteworthy, the Alienware 13 additionally creates the most profound blacks that flawlessly mix into the encompassing screen bezel.

Most gamers presumably won’t discover any utilisation out of this deep level of enunciation given the laptop will probably either only be perched on a work area or shared to an external screen. The additional adaptability could prove to be useful in case you’re utilising the Alienware 13 setting down or sitting on top of a cooling stage.


The new Alienware 13 is one of the best gaming laptops of 2017 which is littler and feistier than at any other time with an OLED show whose magnificence is just coordinated by its lavish price tag. Fortunately more sensibly priced arrangements are about as intense.


  • Perfect OLED screen
  • Enhanced pivot forward design
  • Noteworthy execution per-inch
  • Intensely priced passage models


  • Doesn’t fit in many packs
  • Out of the blue thick
  • Short battery life