Una Voce hopes you will join us to touch hearts and share our vision of changing lives… one song at a time”.

Singing Members: If you are interested in becoming a Singing Member of Tampa Bay’s premiere Men’s Chorus, then come visit us! We prepare and rehearse for our big seasonal events every Monday night from 7-10:pm at HCC-Ybor Campus – Performing Arts Center, 15th St. & Palm Ave, Tampa. A voice placement audition with Artistic Director, Joseph Caulkins is all that is needed. A short prepared song is required for an audition. Auditions are held by appointment but you may show up to one of our rehearsals and schedule your placement audition at that time. For information about auditioning for Una Voce The Gay Men’s Chorus of Tampa Bay, email:Info@Una-Voce.org or call 727-644-2552. You will make new friends and join a wonderful chorus of men!

Non-Singing Members: If you appreciate our Mission, Vision and Values and enjoy the fruits of our passion for great song, you can choose to support Una Voce in other ways. Support Members may not be gifted with the ability to sing but may be able provide the equally as important gift of time or direct financial support. Without the Support Members of our community, our song could not be shared. It is for you that we sing our strongest and most pitch perfect notes. For more information about Support Member volunteer opportunities, email: Info@Una-Voce.org or call (813) 389-6313

While We Ask For Your Support, We Seek Many Ways To Raise Funds Ourselves.

The lion’s-share of this effort is hosting monthly Una Voce Bingo Night’s at Hamburger Mary’s Clearwater and Tampa. Our Una Voce Bingo nights are staffed by our singing member and non-singing member volunteers.

Writing, Staging, Fundraising, Set Construction, Program Advertising Sales are but just a few of the many types of support that a Non-Singing Support Member can donate their time and talent to ensure that Una Voce: The Florida Men’s Chorale continues to grow as a premier community arts organization.